How to Detect a Failing Roof


You’ve taken a tour of the house that you would like to make your home. Before you make any rash decisions it makes sense to do another walk-through. Take a sweep of the house and check for potential problems. A house with an old, worn roof can be an expensive investment for you. Here’s how you can detect if a house has a failing roof.

Water Stains
If you happen to come across any water stains on the ceiling during your sweep of the home, the roof may have some leaks. Check the ceiling in each room, hallway, and even in the attic. In some areas of the house, if water is leaking in from the roof it will have to pass through the attic first. If you don’t see any water stains then look for irregularities in the paint, like bubbles or patches of plaster.

Water Damage
When you’re checking out the attic, look around and inspect the wood. Look out for mold, moss, and rotting pieces of wood. Finding any of these could mean that your attic and roof may have some serious water damage. If the wood in your attic is decaying then the plywood underneath your roofing may also be damaged.

A Thick Roof
You’ve finally made your way up to the roof and you notice that the roof itself is very thick. This could mean that the house has multiple layers of roofing. While it is okay to re-roof your home without taking the bottom layer off, doing this too many times can damage the house. Having more than two layers of roofing can put stress on the wood underneath. Excess stress can cause a roof to sag or crack, leading to leaks and future water damage.

Replacing the roof of a house can be a costly expenditure. So before you go ahead and buy the house of your dreams, remember to inspect the roof yourself. If your current roof needs some tender loving care, give Preferred Exterior a call. We will inspect your roof and assess whether it needs to be re-roofed, repaired, or replaced. To schedule a free estimate or consultation, give us a call at (516) 354-7252.

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