How to Protect Your Home from Falling Trees


Trees that surround your home will decorate your yard, offer shade, and can help increase your property value. Sometimes these pieces of natural decor can weaken and fall down. There are a few tell-tale signs that can give away an unstable tree. Take a look at these inspection tips before one takes a plunge into the side of your home.

When to Inspect

  1. Seasonally – Walking around your property and checking the condition of your trees shouldn’t be limited to once per year. Inspect them at the end of spring when the leaves have grown in, and at the end of fall when the leaves have all died.
  2. Storms – An inspection should be done after big storms. Storms with heavy rain and high winds can damage trees. Branches can break off, trunks can split, and the tree itself can uproot.
  3. Construction – Any form of construction to your property can create instability in the surrounding trees. Paving a driveway, digging up sewer lines, and adding on to your home can all cause a shift in your property’s foundation. Any roots that are damaged could cause the tree to die, or to uproot and fall over.

What to Inspect

  1. Common Areas – Look at every inch of a tree when inspecting it. The branches, bark, trunk, leaves, and roots can all give away signs of an unstable tree. Inspect each side of the tree from a close up point of view. Once complete, inspect the tree from a distance to get an overall view.
  2. Lean – A tree with a little bit of lean is normal. Anything with more than a slight crookedness could mean bad news. Too much lean can cause a tree to uproot due to improper distribution of weight. In an attempt to even the weight distribution you can cut branches off of the opposite side.
  3. Several Trunks – Any tree with more than a single trunk has the chance of becoming unstable. A trunk that splits into a V- or U-shape is a point of weakness that could lead to splitting. Branches towards the top of a tree can be roped together to keep a tree from splitting at this weak point.

Unstable trees can damage your home’s siding, roofing, gutter system, and structure itself. Completing an inspection of the trees on your property can help prevent one from falling onto your home. If your home is ever damaged by a fallen tree or any other object, contact the professionals at Preferred Exterior. Our experts can help by repairing your roof and re-siding your home. Give us a call at (516) 354-7252 to schedule your free estimate or consultation today!

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