What Can Cause Roof Damage?


Installing a new roof can be one of the biggest investments when it comes to household renovations. A properly installed roof can last upwards of 30 years, but the materials can become damaged as time goes by. Know how your roof can become damaged so you can avoid any future repairs or replacement.

Harsh Wind
Winds of any speed can do possible damage to your roof. Nails holding the roofing material down can become loosened, causing shingles to lift up and tear off. A roof with missing shingles is susceptible to further damage from rain and snow. Inspect your roof for damage the day after a bad storm. If you notice a shingle on your lawn after a storm, head to the roof right away!

Hail & Ice
Hailstorms can cause an immense amount of damage to your roof. When pieces of hail strike your roof, shingles can crack and their protective coating can be scraped off. A shingle without a complete protective coating becomes vulnerable to moisture and UV rays. Ice that doesn’t fall from the sky can also damage your roof. It can prevent built up snow from falling off the roof and when it thaws it can lift the shingles, creating possible leaks.

Flaws in Your Flashing
When a roof is being built or replaced flashing is installed underneath the material, around roofing projections, and at the edge of the roof. The purpose of flashing is to block water from entering through the cracks of your roof. If the flashing is damaged by wind or is not properly installed, the roof can be exposed to leaks. Each time you inspect your roof, double check that the flashings are still secure.

If your home is surrounded by tall trees, your roof can be ground zero for a collection of debris. Branches can fall onto the roof, causing immediate damage to the structure. Leaves, sticks, bird nests, etc. can collect in areas on the roof which can turn to mulch with added moisture. Mulch will remain wet, causing your shingles and the wood underneath to rot. Taking a leaf blower to your roof can help prevent the collection of debris.

The roof of your home is going to be on the receiving end of all weather conditions and the damage they bring. After each storm, head up to your roof and give it a quick inspection. If you happen to notice any roof damage, pick up the phone and call Preferred Exterior. Our professionals will give you a free estimate of any repairs that need to be done. Contact us by calling (516) 354-7252 today!

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