How to Prevent Woodpeckers from Damaging Your Home

Woodpeckers are a fascinating species of bird that are indigenous to New York. In fact, there are 11 species that currently inhabit the “Empire State.” While these birds are quite captivating, they also cause an obscene amount of damage to the exterior of houses. Homes that have cedar shakes or shingles for their roofing or siding are affected most by our feathered friends.

Not many people understand why woodpeckers peck wood, but there are multiple reasons. These birds do not sing, therefore they must “drum” in order to communicate with other birds, or to claim a territory. They also drill through wood in order to create nests. An insulated home is perfect for a woodpecker because of how warm it can be. Lastly, holes are punctured in order for the bird to find its food source. Many bugs are found behind trees and the siding of house.

Scarecrows are placed on farms to keep crows away. The same can be done to repel woodpeckers, but a model hawk should be used instead. A faux hawk bigger than your winged enemy should do the job. Mirrors can also be used, as woodpeckers will flee at the sight of their reflections.

Bang! Bang!
A loud, sudden noise can certainly alarm a woodpecker and send them packing. Yelling, the banging of metal or wooden objects, and the sound of an air horn are all effective ways in frightening away these birds. Your neighbors may hate you at first, but when their homes are hole-free, they’ll thank you!

Unnerve the Bird
A woodpecker can begin to drill holes, but will sometimes fly away for periods of time before returning. This is your time to swoop in and repair the holes. If a woodpecker starts drilling holes, goes elsewhere, and returns to find the holes gone, they may become discouraged to continue. If you fail to repair drill holes, it’s also possible that other woodpeckers could see this as a place to nest themselves.

Homes that have cedar shakes or shingles as the material for its roofing or siding are easy targets for woodpeckers. Metal and plastic gutters are also vulnerable drilling zones. If you’re looking to repair woodpecker damage or want to remove your cedar siding, give Preferred Exterior a ring! Our experts will remove any cedar siding and replace it with brand new vinyl siding. For removal of cedar roofing, we have multiple materials to choose from for replacement. To learn more, or to schedule a free consultation, give us a call at (516) 354-7252.

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