Why Replace Siding Before Winter


It’s December, there hasn’t been any accumulation of snow yet, and the weather has felt more like spring than any other season. Every New Yorker knows that this is a strange sight to see. Take advantage of this warm weather by having your home re-sided before the below freezing temperatures make their way to the Empire State. Replacing your siding before winter starts can offer you many benefits.

Staying Warm
Old, worn, and damaged siding can expose the structure of your home to mother nature’s elements. Having your home exposed to the cold weather can compromise the warmth in your home. By re-siding your home, the new siding material will help insulate your home and keep the cold weather from entering your home.

Dirty, Rotten, No Good…
Damaged siding will expose your home to the cold weather, but also snow and rain. The moisture can get in-between the siding and structure of your home, eventually leading to mold. Mold can spread easily and if there are any cracks or holes in your structure it can enter your home. Serious mold growth can also lead to rotting of the wood and siding.

Chip Away
If you install siding while it is still semi-warm out then you might save some money. Siding can become very stiff and can break easily in cold conditions. Re-siding your home during the winter can cause the siding you purchase to break during installation which will require you to buy more siding than is necessary.

With the help from the pros at Preferred Exterior, you can have a home that looks brand new with all of the benefits of having new siding. To learn more, or to schedule a free estimate, give us a call at (516) 354-7252.

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