How to Decorate Your Home’s Exterior for the Holidays


Decorating your home for the holidays is one of the oldest traditions that many people gladly partake in. While decorating the inside of your home is fairly simple, decorating your home’s exterior can be quite difficult. Decorating along the gutters and roof is often the most challenging part of this entire process.

  1. How Much Length? – Before you start hanging any lights on your home be sure to measure the length of the hanging surfaces. Also, measure from the edge of the house to the nearest outside electrical outlet. Doing this first will let you know how many light strands to buy.
  2. How Much Juice? – When hanging lights on your home you will have to connect the light strands together and plug the last strand into the electrical outlet. Look at the wattage of each strand of lights and make sure that your outlet can handle the combined wattage of the lights. LED lights will allow you to plug in more strands while using less wattage.
  3. Hunt & Gather – Now that everything is planned out, it’s time to go out and purchase the lights. There are a few options when buying new lights; the most popular choices are icicle, C7, and C9 light bulbs. Icicle lights have multiple small bulbs on a strand that dangle, while C7 and C9 lights are single bulbs. C9 bulbs are larger light bulbs that can be seen from further away, and C7 light bulbs are a smaller version of this single bulb. Whichever option you choose, be sure to buy as many clips as there are bulbs.
  4. Hang ‘Em Up – Start hanging the lights on the side that is closest to the outlet. Place a clip on the base of each light bulb so that the strand is fit snug against the gutter or surface edge of the house. Continue plugging in as many strands of lights until you reach the end of the house. If there is any extra length left when you reach the end, run the remainder down the side of the house. Remember to use electrical tape on any unused and exposed light outlets.

Hanging lights on your home is a good way to show your holiday spirit. Unfortunately, your home’s exterior can become damaged during the installation of these lights. Gutters can be ripped off, siding can be punctured, and fascias can be damaged. If your home sustains any damage, during or after the holidays, contact the pros at Preferred Exterior. To learn more, or to schedule a free estimate, give us a call at (516) 354-7252.

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