Animals Living in Your Gutters


Your home, especially during the winter months, is vulnerable to the animals of the outside world. The gutter system is the most common place where animals will hide as they seek shelter from nature’s elements. Unfortunately, there are a few different animals that will set up shop in your home’s gutter system.

These furry little critters will create a home for themselves in any area where they feel safe. While they will usually opt for trees and bushes, if there are not many too choose from or if it is precipitating rather hard, squirrels will head for gutters and downspouts. Keep them away from your gutter system by cleaning them regularly and trimming nearby trees that may be too close to your home.

When thinking about animals that might live in gutters, reptiles are not the first animals that come to mind. Gutters that are not cleared regularly are home to debris that is often damp, later turning to mulch. This will attract insects and rodents. Unluckily for them, they are the prey for most lizards and snakes. Keep your gutters clear of debris and the reptiles will go elsewhere.

The most commonly found animals living in gutters are birds. They will choose to build nests in a location that is high up and away from possible predators. Besides tree branches, there is no better area than a home’s gutters. Keep your ears open for chirping that is close by; you may have a nest or two sitting atop your roof.

To keep animals away from your gutters, clean them regularly, install guards on them, and if it’s old and broken then have it replaced. The professionals at Preferred Exterior will install a brand new gutter system on your home that will keep animals away and your home safe from water damage. To learn more, or to schedule a free estimate, give us a call at (516) 354-7252.

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