How to Properly Remove Holiday Lighting


As beautiful as your holiday decorations may look, it is sadly time to take them down and pack them away until next December. However, before you start ripping all of your lights down, there are some things you should do to ensure a proper removal. Improper removal could result in you buying new decorations for next holiday season.

Check It Out
Many homeowners not only decorate the inside of their homes, but also the outside. Lights are the main decorations that are used outside; being hung off of roofs, gutters, siding, trees, and bushes. These lights are constantly exposed to mother nature’s elements and can sustain damage during their tenure outside. Give your home’s exterior a quick tour before beginning to disassemble your holiday display.

Safety First
Once you have given your property a quick glance, head over to the outside outlet and unplug all of the lighting. Begin taking down all of the lights and as you take them down, throw any strands out that have been damaged or shorted. Packing up broken lights can spell big trouble for next year when you test them out again.

Slow & Steady
Do not stand on property level, ripping your lights from where they hang. This can damage roofing shingles, gutters, and siding. Instead, grab a ladder and remove all lights at eye level. Remove each strand from the holders and clips at a slow and steady pace. Any fast movements could break the lights and the surface in which they were hung on.

Removing holiday lighting is simple and easy to complete, but a lapse in judgement or thinking can result in damage to your property. If you happen to damage your roofing, siding, or gutters during this process, then give Preferred Exterior a call. We are here for all of your home exterior needs, so call (516) 354-7252 for a free estimate!

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