How to Drain Runoff Water Away From Your Home


No matter the time of year, whether there’s snow or rain, water will run off of your roof and fall to the ground. During extreme weather conditions, an abundance of water can cause roof leaks and flooding on your property. Having a proper gutter system installed is important in channeling the water out and away from your home.

  • Clean your gutter system routinely of any leaves, sticks, animals, roofing granules, etc. so there is no blockage to cause an overflow of water.
  • At the bottom of the downspout attach an elbow piece to direct the flow of water outwards.
  • At the end of the elbow piece, place a downspout extension to better control the flow of water.
  • Angle the elbow piece and downspout extension away from important walking areas like driveways and sidewalks. During the cold weather months this could cause the water to freeze and increase the chances of slipping and falling.
  • If you would like the water to be drained further away from your property, you can dig a trench that is aligned with the downspout. Place a PVC pipe throughout the length of the trench and attach it to the downspout.

An excess of water that is not drained properly can cause a lot of damage to your home. A faulty or lack of a gutter system can cause roof leaks which can lead to water damage and mold. A gutter system without downspout direction can also damage your property by increasing your chances of flooding. The property can flood with water which can possibly lead into your basement or crawl space.

Draining water away from your property is a great way to avoid any water damage to your home and property. Having new gutters installed or old gutters repaired is a great way to help avoid flooding and leaks. Contact the pros at Preferred Exterior for all of your home exterior needs. To learn more, or to schedule an appointment, give us a call at (516) 354-7252.

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