How to Claim a New Roof on Your Insurance

Damaged roof

Replacing a roof can often mean that big money is about to leave your wallet. However, during certain circumstances your roof can be covered under your homeowner’s insurance. By following the proper steps, you can have the repair or replacement of your roof covered at no cost to you.

Step 1: Before you submit any claim to your insurance provider, check to see the terms and conditions for roof repair. Insurance companies may only cover certain types of damages from specific events. If your roof was in terrible condition before it became damaged, it will likely not be covered.

Step 2: Document the damage with pictures and publications. Grab your camera and take pictures of your roof and the damage it has sustained. Afterwards, head to the computer and search for any documented records of the storm, fire, happening, etc.

Step 3: It’s best not to wait an extended period of time before contacting your insurance company. As soon as it is safe to check out the damage to your roof, dial up your provider and submit a claim. Waiting too long to file could put you outside of the time frame that a lot of companies put into place.

Step 4: Contact a roofing company to obtain an estimate for the repairs or replacement. In some cases you may have to have a repair done immediately for the safety of you and your home. Save all of the receipts and estimates so they can be made available to your insurance provider.

Step 5: Once the claim has been submitted, an insurance adjuster will most likely be coming to you in the following days. Plan to have a contractor arrive at the same time so both can communicate with each other. This will increase your chances of the ‘settlement quote’ and ‘estimate for repair’ being close or equal to each other.

Now that you have a settlement check and an estimate, going about the process of repairing your roof can be done with ease. When it’s time to call a roofing company for an estimate, obtain a free one with the help of Preferred Exterior. To learn more, or to schedule your free estimate, give us a call at (516) 354-7252.

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