Vinyl Siding FAQs

Wall is covered by vinyl siding

It’s common knowledge that vinyl siding is the most widely used home exterior siding option in the U.S. Beyond that many people still have questions about this inexpensive material. Here are some FAQs to clear up any confusion and to offer you some valuable facts.

Does my current siding need to be removed before installation?
Vinyl siding doesn’t always need to be installed over a bare house. Depending on what your current siding option is, vinyl can be installed directly over the existing material.

How big is a square of vinyl siding?
Rather than purchasing separate pieces of siding, vinyl is purchased in groupings called squares. Each square is 100 square feet, in a 10 feet by 10 feet measurement.

Isn’t vinyl siding plain and boring?
When vinyl siding was introduced, colors and textures were plain and boring. Nowadays vinyl siding has an arsenal of colors in many different hues and shades. It can also mimic the look of other materials such as wood.

Why does everyone have vinyl siding?
Vinyl siding gives you the most bang for your buck since it is the least expensive of all home exterior materials. There are a variety of colors, textures, it’s relatively simple to install, and it can withstand wind speeds of up to 100 mph.

When you consider re-siding or repainting your home, consider vinyl siding as a first and obvious choice. For a free estimate to see if vinyl siding is right for your home, contact the professionals at Preferred Exterior. To learn more, or to schedule this free estimate, give us a call at (516) 354-7252.

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