How Animals Can Get Into Your Home


Common house pests include mice, birds, spiders, roaches, and squirrels. What does each of these animals have in common? They can all find different ways to enter your house, making your home their temporary residence.

The basement is the perfect place to find pests such as roaches, mice, and spiders. They will usually find an opening through cracks or holes in the wall, windows, or dryer exhaust vents. Go outside of your basement and inspect the foundation, sealing any hole or cracks you may find. Head back into the basement and seal the remaining gaps in the walls.

Opening a window, leaving the back door open for the dog, and forgetting to close the garage door are ways to invite unwanted house guests. Remember to shut all entryways before walking away from them, and think about installing screens on any windows you want to leave open for extended periods of time.

The top of the house is often inspected the least because it’s — well, in the air! However, a roof should be inspected after each storm and on a monthly basis to check for holes, cracks, broken flashing, missing shingles, etc. All types of pests, especially squirrels and birds, will enter your home through an opening in the roof. Any animal trespassing this way will set themselves up in your attic until you decide to evict them.

Animals can enter your home in a multitude of ways, and you should be aware of each area. If you notice that these pests are entering your home via the roof, contact the pros at Preferred Exterior to have it repaired. To learn more, or to schedule a free estimate, give us a call at (516) 354-7252.

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