Handy Tips for Cleaning Gutters


When you hear the words “spring cleaning” you think of cleaning out the attic, basement, and closets. However, the exterior of your home should also be cleaned during this time. One of the most overlooked places outside of your home is your gutters, but that’s okay — because we have you covered with a few tips to help you out!

Multiple Cleanings
So you’re cleaning your gutters as a part of your spring cleaning. This maintenance should be done, but don’t limit this to just once per year. Your gutter system should be cleaned multiple times per year; at least once per season. Check your gutters after bad rainstorms as well for damage and debris that could create blockages.

Removing Blockages
Your gutter system will inevitably fill with leaves, sticks, animals, moss, and anything else that could end up on your roof. Remove all of this debris carefully, not letting any of it fall into the downpipe. If there is debris in the downpipe then you must take it apart and clean it out. A clogged downpipe can cause your gutter system to not drain water properly, and even break due to an overload of water.

Washing It Out
The gutters have been cleaned, but the job isn’t over just yet. Grab the hose and then head back up to the roof. Begin running the water from the hose into the gutters system, completely clearing it of any leftover debris. This will ensure that they will stay clean and unblocked for a longer period of time.

Cleaning your gutters is a simple task that can be quickly done during your spring cleaning escapade. If you notice that your gutter system is not in the best condition, allow the experts at Preferred Exterior to install a new one. To learn more, or to schedule a free estimate, give us a call at (516) 354-7252.

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