Tips for Repairing Your Roof

Young man inspecting the roof of an old house

When a thunderstorm with harsh winds rips the roof of your home to shreds you may want to call a professional roofer for the repairs. However, if a single shingle becomes loose because of a squirrel you can certainly put on your handy tool belt. But before you head up to your roof it’s important to know a few DIY roofing tips.

Proper Roofing Materials
Buying the wrong materials for your roof can result in an improper repair, which can then cost you more money down the road in a future repair. Make sure you are using the right tools, nails, shingles, and caulking. If you would like to patch a very small hole in your roof you can purchase roofing cement in a convenient caulking tube. Also, remember to purchase roof patches rather than the liquid type as it is easier to install and is usually more efficient.

Safety Tips
Making sure that you are always safe is the most important part of a roof repair. Before you head up to the roof put on a pair of slip-resistant shoes and only do so when the roof is completely dry. Position your ladder so it is firmly planted on the ground and make sure it is not placed near any electrical wires. Proceed to have someone hold the base of the ladder as you climb up to the top.

Making roof repairs can be difficult which is why professionals are called so often when a roofing problem arises. Most DIY roof repairs fall under the “temporary” category because a roof needs to be reliable — and there’s nothing more reliable than an expert roofer! Any small repairs should be limited to the replacement of some asphalt shingles, adding roofing cement to plug small holes and seal flashing, and for cleaning and inspection.

Even if you are looking to repair the smallest of things on your roof, take the time to know what your capabilities and limits are. When you need the help of a professional, contact the expert installers at Preferred Exterior. To learn more, or to schedule a free estimate, give us a call at (516) 354-7252.

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