New Homeowners & Their Roof

Handing Over The New House Keys with Home in the Background.

Whether you just bought your first house or decided to move for a change of scenery, congratulations are in order! New homes can be an exciting adventure, but there are some things you should do upon moving in. Your roof should be a top priority on your list of things to inspect, repair, and maintain.

Inspection Before Purchase
Before buying a new house, the roof should be inspected by an expert contractor. The professional should head up to the roof and make note of any problems or future repairs that it might need. Now you’ll know a rough estimate of how much money you will have to spend to keep it in good condition.

Know Troubled Areas
Every home has a unique roof based on materials, pitch, intersecting surfaces, chimneys, etc. It’s important to know which areas on your roof may cause you the most trouble. Certain areas, like intersecting surfaces, can be more susceptible to water damage, rot, and curling shingles because of how shingles need to be cut and altered to fit. Areas like this should have flashing installed underneath and should be inspected more often.

Maintenance & Repairs
As time goes by in your new and fabulous home you should always be on the lookout for things that need repair. Repairing or replacing any shingles, flashing, or gutters as they break will decrease the chances of your roof weakening. If moisture gets underneath your shingles into the sheathing and structure, your roof may need to be replaced sooner than expected down the road.

Moving into a new home is exciting and fun, but it’s important to remember things such as knowledge of your roof. When you need an expert installer to inspect, repair, or replace your roof, contact Preferred Exterior. To learn more, or to schedule a free estimate, give us a call at (516) 354-7252.

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