5 Tips for a More Eco-Friendly Roof


Each person in the world should go to greater lengths to make our planet a better place to live. There are many opportunities to do so, especially when your home is under renovation. If your roof is currently being replaced, utilize these eco-friendly roofing tips.

  1. Go Slate – Slate is one of the most green roofing materials because of how long it can be used. A slate roof that is well-maintained can easily last over 50 years, and sometimes even lasting over 100 years! If you want to take it a step further, look into buying reclaimed slate materials.
  2. Heavy Metal – If slate isn’t your style, look to metal roofing as another eco-friendly option. Like slate, metal roofing can last for upwards of 50 years if it is properly maintained. Many metal roofs are partially made from recycled metals, being comprised of anywhere from 50-95% recycled materials.
  3. Less Heat – A roof that is lighter in color will absorb less heat, while a roof that is reflective will reflect heat. Simple enough! If the roof absorbs too much heat, the attic will reach temperatures hotter than it is outside. This will result in more work for your HVAC unit, wasting energy and your money.
  4. Solar Panels – Installing solar panels on your roof can significantly help with lowering your energy usage and costs. While they are expensive to install, the long-term savings can eventually add up and they will pay for themselves.
  5. Spend Now, Save Later – Roofing materials that won’t negatively affect the environment, and help you save money, will end up being more expensive than the average roofing materials. However, you will also replace your roof less and save money on energy bills and future repairs. Think twice the next time you decide on a regular asphalt shingled roof.

When it’s time to replace the roof, keep the environment and the longevity of your roof in mind. If you’re looking for expert installers to replace or repair your roof, contact Preferred Exterior. To learn more, or to schedule a free estimate, give us a call at (516) 354-7252.

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