How Wind Can Ruin Your Roof

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When your roof is installed it should be done in a way that combats the normal wind speeds of your location. Throughout the year there are many different types of storms, all with different conditions and wind speeds. Winds that are created from hurricanes, tropical storms, tornadoes, and other harsh storms can severely damage your home’s roof.

Common Areas Damaged
Certain areas of the roof experience different amounts of stress than others. The center of the roof experiences the least amount of stress, while the edges have the most. The reason for this is because shingles on the edge of the roof are more prone to lifting up, especially if they’re not properly nailed down. Once one shingle gets wind underneath it, it has the chance to peel off and put surrounding ones at risk for the same fate.

The wind itself can lift shingles up, but outside debris can also cause roof damage and missing shingles. Harsh winds that pick up debris or knock down tree branches can fly into the roof, damaging the shingles. After each storm, you should inspect your roof for damage, but also take a look around your home to see what kind of debris was causing the damage.

The Harshest of Winds
The roof itself isn’t going to blow off of your home unless it’s a high category hurricane or tornado. Most of the damage will come from debris that knocks into shingles and then causes them to lift up. For those living in the Northeast, you don’t have to worry about a direct hit from a hurricane, but you do have to worry about wind launching debris into your home.

The roof of your home is meant to protect your home, but it can’t do that when the wind is picking apart your roof one shingle at a time. When you need your roof inspected and repaired, contact the expert installers at Preferred Exterior. To learn more, or to schedule a free estimate, give us a call at (516) 354-7252.

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