3 Common Gutter Problems

gutter problems | long island

A gutter system that is well maintained will effectively remove rainfall from your roof to an area that’s far away from the house. Unfortunately, gutters can face problems that prevent proper drainage; which will then cause roof leaks, flooding, and water damage. Be aware of these three common gutter problems so you can have them fixed immediately.

Drip, Drip, Drip
Sometimes a gutter system can experience leaks which will disrupt the drainage of water and cause steel gutters to rust. Inspect your entire gutter system for any damaged joints, spaces between seams, holes, and cracks. When the seams have spaces between them, apply a silicone rubber caulking on both sides to seal them. For holes and cracks, you will need to apply roofing cement to seal them, and a sheet-metal patch if the hole is large enough.

Raining Buckets
When a gutter system is completely overflowing, you’re in trouble. This improper drainage of water can begin to pool on your roof, leading to roof leaks and water damage. The excess rainfall will also pool onto the property where flooding and damage to your foundation can take place. Overflowing usually exists because of a clog or blockage in the gutters or downspouts. Inspect them and clean them out of any debris that might be causing this overflow of water.

Loosy Goosy
Downspouts can become disconnected from the gutters when there is excessive rainfall and when the connecting point becomes clogged. Remove the downspout from the gutter system and clean out any blockages that may exist. Reconnect the downspout but this time, add 3/8 inch screws to secure it to the gutters. Also, replace the anchor straps that hold down the downspout against the wall with new and secure ones.

Gutters need to work without error in order for rainfall to be properly drained away from the house. When your old gutter system causes you too many problems, contact Preferred Exterior for a new seamless gutter system. To inquire about the seamless gutter system, give us a call at (516) 354-7252.

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