Quick Tasks That Can Prevent Winter Roof Damage

winter roof repair

Thanks to the harsh weather conditions, winter is a dangerous season for your home. With all of the snowfall, ice, hail, and freezing temperatures, the exterior of your home can take a beating these next couple of months. In order to prevent roof damage during the winter, complete these quick tasks that will save you more money than you’d ever care to spend on repairs.

Insulate Attic to Prevent Ice Dams
Ice dams can be simply avoided as long as your attic is properly insulated. When warm air from your home travels to the attic, insulation will prevent any snow that is on the roof from melting. This melted snow can freeze as it attempts to drip from the roof, thus causing an ice dam. Assess your attic’s current insulation and install more where it’s needed.

Replace Damaged Shingles
When all of the snow on your roof has disappeared, inspect your roof to make sure there are no cracked, damaged, or missing shingles. If there are, replace them immediately to prevent water and moisture from entering the structure of the roof. Otherwise, water damage, rot, and mold can begin to form underneath your roof.

Keep a Structurally Sound Roof
When maintenance is ignored and snowfall is plenty, your roof can begin to sag. A sagging roof can eventually collapse if it isn’t repaired in a timely manner. If your home is prone to increased levels of snowfall, has had roof leaks in the past, or was built before the 1950s, have the structure of your roof inspected by a professional roofer.

The conditions of the winter season can severely damage your roof, however, you can prevent damage with just a handful of quick tasks. When you need a professional roofer to inspect or repair your roof, contact Preferred Exterior. To learn more, or to schedule a free estimate, give us a call at (516) 354-7252.

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