What Happens if a Tree Falls on the Property Line?

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There’s no bigger headache than when a tree on your property falls because of a harsh storm. While this scenario is all too common, what happens when your neighbor’s tree falls on your yard? What about if your tree falls on their yard?

Their Tree Falls
When a tree from your neighbor’s side of the lawn falls onto your property, it’s time for both of you to call your respective insurance companies. No matter what happens, your insurance company will follow their normal process for restoring your property. However, if your neighbor was negligent in maintaining the tree, your insurance company can pursue reimbursement without affecting your insurance rate.

Your Tree Falls
The same process should be followed if your tree falls onto your neighbor’s property. If you want to prove that you are not liable for any damages, you will need to provide both insurance companies with records and receipts that the tree was properly maintained, pruned, etc. Proving that you took the means to keep your tree healthy can help your case.

Before a Tree Falls
If your neighbor’s tree looks like it’s in bad shape, consider writing them a letter that includes your worries about the tree, pictures, and a request for them to take action in fixing any problems. Having this written document can help you out if the tree ever finds its way crashing onto your property. Legally you may trim branches up to the property line, but if pruning leads to the tree dying, you can be held liable.

Intense storms with high-speed winds can easily cause a tree (especially if it’s dead) to come tumbling down. If your home is ever struck by a falling tree, have your roof, siding, and gutter system repaired or replaced by Preferred Exterior. To learn more or to schedule a free estimate, give us a call at (516) 354-7252.

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