5 Trees You Should Avoid Planting

With spring well underway, homeowners are beginning to discover their green thumb by preparing their lawns and gardens for the growing season ahead.

If you’re looking to plant a new tree on your property (Arbor Day is close by), be selective of which trees you plant.

There are some trees you should avoid planting, otherwise, you could end up with damaged roofing and siding when it comes toppling into your home.

roofing an siding repair on long island

  1. Silver Maple – This species of tree is extremely fast-growing, which can pose many problems for you and your home. Since this tree grows at such a fast rate, the roots can infiltrate sewer lines and crack driveways. More importantly, the wood is weaker than slow-growing trees which can crack and fall over during severe storms and hurricanes.
  2. Willow – The “weeping” willow is one of the most iconic trees due to its dangling leaves and massive width. While having one of these trees on your property might seem like a good looking idea, look for a tree with better longevity. The willow will only last about 30 years due to its fast growth and weak wood.
  3. Black Walnut – The black walnut tree produces some of the finest wood for cabinet- and furniture-making. It’s okay to keep a black walnut piece in your home, but second guess about keeping the tree right outside of your home. This tree species will produce enough pollen to keep you sneezing for weeks.
  4. Leyland Cypress – These Christmas tree look-alikes are oftentimes planted alongside houses and apartment complexes for a natural privacy barrier. Unfortunately, the taller these trees get, the easier and more likely they are to uproot during storms with strong winds. If that weren’t bad enough, they can become very dry and are known to be a serious fire hazard.
  5. Bradford Pear – This replacement for the Orchard tree became widely popular in the early 1900s. While you might see this tree in many suburban neighborhoods, keep it away from your home. The Bradford Pear tree is known for splitting and cracking as it reaches its mature stage. A split tree trunk could turn into a damaged home that you’ll need to have fixed.

If you’re planning on planting a new tree in your yard, go right ahead — just make sure you avoid these fives species.

If a tree topples into the side of your home ruining your roofing or siding, contact Preferred Exterior.

To learn more about roofing and siding or to schedule a free estimate, give us a call at (516) 354-7252.

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