How to Add Life to Your Front Door

Replacing your roofing and siding doesn’t happen too often (or at least we hope), so how else can you breathe some new life into your home’s exterior? The answer lies right in front of you — the front door. Rather than just sticking to what matches, give it a boost of color and style for something unique and attention grabbing!

front door replacement

Back In Black

For those with a light colored exterior, black doors will create a visual focal point that will draw your eye directly toward it. Opt for a matte black finish on a door with a design, like a dutch or farmhouse door. The flat black finish will allow you to easily see the design as it will be surrounded by a sea of white, tan, etc. You can also choose to soften the darkness of this door by neighboring it with flowers and plants with vibrant colors.

Exotic Entryway

Homes that seems plain from afar should be equipped with an entryway that is exotic and different from anything else on the block. Upgrade the hardware to something unique (like an animal head) and majestic (think gold or bronze) for an out-of-country look. The door itself should be painted or replaced with a color that pops (like emerald). Surround the entryway with a unique doormat and set of plants to match the theme of your new extravagant entrance.

Purple Palace

Purple used to be referred to as a color of royalty, which is a perfect color to greet anyone entering your home. Choose a shade of purple (preferably dark, like plum) and pair it with a golden handle and knocker. What might seem like too vibrant of an idea at first will end up being an imperial entryway that will leave all passerby in awe.

Something as simple as giving your front door a new look can transform the entire exterior of your home. When you need a new front door, siding, or roofing, contact the expert installers at Preferred Exterior. To learn more or to schedule a free estimate, give us a call at (516) 354-7252.

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