How Your Gutters Are Attracting Mosquitoes

Do you find yourself constantly swatting at your skin in an to attempt kill mosquitoes when you’re outside on the patio? Chances are your gutters are to blame for your pest infested property. But what do your gutters have to do with the large population of mosquitoes near your home?

mosquitoes in gutters

Why Mosquitoes Love Gutters

The reason your gutters are to blame for your mosquito problem is because of the standing water sitting inside of them. Mosquitoes choose areas with standing water as their breeding grounds, such as gutters, birdbaths, empty planters, etc. Gutters can easily fill up with rainwater when they are clogged with leaves and other debris. Therefore, you should always make sure your gutters are always cleared of any debris and that they also have the perfect amount of slope for proper drainage.

Additional Tips to Avoid Mosquitoes

  • Make sure gutters are being drained away from the property and not pooling at the base of the house.
  • For those with flat roofs, make sure the proper drainage is working. Puddles that form on flat roofs can attract mosquitoes and cause roof leaks.
  • Any item on your property that can hold a small amount of water should be removed, covered, or filled immediately (empty planters, cups, toys, small pools, lawn tools).
  • Do not leave out your pet’s water bowl for extended periods of time.
  • Make sure your landscape is as even as possible. Any uneven terrain could develop puddles during periods of rainfall.
  • Cover all garbage cans and recycling bins at all times.

The answer to keeping mosquitoes away from your home is as simple as — inspecting your gutters! When your gutter system needs repair or replacement, contact Preferred Exterior. To learn more or to schedule a free estimate, give us a call at (516) 354-7252.

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