7 Outdoor Holiday Decorations Your Home Needs

After you hang the usual lights on your home for this holiday season, look to add something new and different. Don’t rush to the store in search for blow up lawn ornaments. Look for small ways to make your home unique and beautiful — not cheap and tacky.

roof repair

  1. Double Wreaths – Why hang a single wreath on your front door when you can have double the fun with two? Hang one above the other for normal sized doors, or hang them side by side if your front door is wider than the average.
  2. Miniature Trees – While you may have a tree standing tall in your living room, why not have some fun on the front porch or steps? Place mini evergreen trees at the front of your door or scattered throughout your porch area.
  3. Garland Wrapped – For the beams and handrails on your porch, consider wrapping them with garland. Opt for an evergreen variety, one with fake brushed snow, or one with lights built in.
  4. Add Some Red – When dressing up the front entrance of your home, make some areas pop. Do you know what pops? The color red. Add in a pair of red rain boots, a red umbrella holder, a faux poinsettia, etc. Adding just one or two select red items will add the finishing touches to your entrance.
  5. Light Up Tree – Instead of wrapping your front trees in lights, consider hanging some light up lanterns. Hang solar powered lanterns by chicken wire from your tree to light up your yard in a new and unique way!
  6. Decorate Step By Step – For each step you have leading toward the front door, place a piece of decor on them. Consider using decorations like lanterns and candles, letters that spell out a word, miniature trees, etc. The small things oftentimes look best!
  7. Mailbox Makeover – Add something to your mailbox to make it look more festive. Wrap a scarf around it, place a bow on it, wrap garland around the base, etc. We’re sure you’ll appreciate these small decorations — and so will the mailman!

7 Outdoor holiday decorations your home needs

When decorating your home’s exterior for the holidays, look to include each of these awesome decorations. You can’t hang lights on a home with broken gutters or roof shingles though, so contact Preferred Exterior for repair. To learn more or to schedule a free estimate, give us a call at (516) 354-7252.

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