The Truth About Attic Ventilation

How much do you know about your attic space? Most homeowners don’t know too much, but one thing you should know is that having too much moisture is an awful thing to have. That’s why every attic should have ventilation, but when researching attic ventilation, don’t fall for these myths.

attic ventilation can help prevent your roof from a premature replacement

“My Home Needs More Attic Ventilation”

Each home needs the right amount of attic ventilation. A home with too little won’t properly remove all of the moisture, and too much will expose the attic to the outside conditions — including leaks during rain and snowfall. An expert roofer should size your home and determine the right amount of ventilation that should be added.

“But Roof Vents Will Remove the Warm Air From My Attic”

Your home’s heating system should not be heating your attic space. In fact, if your bills are higher because the attic is being heated, that means you either have serious air leaks or a lack of insulation that need to be addressed. If warm air enters your attic space, condensation will form on the underside of your roof as the warm and cool air mix. And we all know what moisture and wood will create — you guessed it, mold!

Installing Attic Ventilation in Your Home

For those who don’t have the proper attic ventilation, you’re hurting your roof and the home it protects. Not only will the attic space be damaged by becoming filled with moisture, mold, and rot, but the roof will also be affected. When the sheathing and structure underneath becomes damaged by rot and mold, it will shorten the life of the shingles and overall roof. Install the proper attic ventilation to help maximize the lifespan of your entire roofing system.

Knowing the truth about attic ventilation can help you save money on roofing repairs and early replacement. Make sure your home has the right amount!

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