Is Your Roof About to Collapse?

The worst thing that could ever happen to your roof is having it collapse. Once a collapse occurs, there’s nothing you can do besides paying for the removal of the old roof, repair any damage it caused, and replacement it with a new roof. However, there are warning signs you should be aware of and ways to prevent your roof from getting to this collasing point.

a collapsed roof usually shows warning signs before this occurs

Warning Signs Your Roof is About to Collapse

  • Presence of multiple roof leaks
  • Cracks in the walls of your attic space
  • Sagging in any area of the roof
  • Pooling of water anywhere on the roof
  • Constant creaking and banging noises
  • Doors and windows that are difficult to open

How to Prevent Your Roof From Collapsing

  • Inspect the roof after major storms for any damage, and repair immediately.
  • Clear the roof of any snow if the accumulation is more than a half foot (especially if it’s a wintery mix and is heavier than typical snow).
  • Never use shovels or sharp objects on your roof to remove snow and ice, as this can damage the shingles and wood beneath.
  • For flat roofs, keep roof drains cleared and make sure there is never more than an inch of rain accumulation.
  • Provide constant maintenance to your gutter system to ensure it is properly channeling water from the roof to the ground below.
  • Ensure the bottom of downspouts are cleared of any obstructions and that they are truncated two feet above the ground. This will allow any channeled water to flow freely, rather than potentially freezing between its opening and the ground.

For homeowners that are neglectful of their roofs, your chances of a collapse are a lot higher than you think. Anyone looking to prevent a collapse or repair any damage their roof currently has, our expert installers are ready for your call!


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