When Should You Remove Snow From the Roof?

The snow is coming down and you’re looking out the window, debating when to go out and start shoveling. When this happens, do you ever look at a portion of your roof to see how much snow is accumulating up there?

If not — you should! Because having too much snow piled up there can cause a lot of damage.

when is the right time to remove snow from your roof?

Pay Attention to the Weather Forecast

This an obvious tip that most people will probably be doing anyways. Even though you should listen for the projected accumulation and start/stop times, pay close attention to the type of snow.

What do we mean by the type of snow?

Snow comes in many forms, but for the purpose of this blog, we’ll just stick with dry (powdery) and wet snow. The powdery, dry snow can have up to six times more accumulation than wet snow.

Example: Six inches of wet snow is equivalent to roughly 40 inches of dry snow


When to Make the Move

Depending on the type of snow, you might not have to remove all of the snow from your roof. If the snow is dry and not plentiful, it’s safe to leave it — the same goes for an inch or two of wet snow.

When it is time to remove snow, you’ll know. This is when doors will have a problem opening and closing or will randomly decide to swing open. You’ll also hear cracking and creaking noises coming from the attic due to an overbearing weight on the support beams and roofing.

Try to wait until after the snowfall has completely halted to begin removing snow from the roof. Use a long-handled roof rake to begin removing the snow (but remember to not let the snow hit you from above). Whatever you do — just make sure you never use a ladder. It’s best to keep both feet planted on the ground during the slippery wintertime.

If there is more than a half foot of wet snow or a few feet of dry snow on top of your roof, it may be wise to call a professional in.(Standard roof rakes won’t be able to remove all of the snow.) A pro will know how to safely remove all of the snow, with the right tools, to help relieve your roof of any pressure.

Remember: Throughout the winter, if any future (or past) snowfall damages your roof, know that you can call us and we’ll assess the damage for you — for free!

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