How Do I Remove Icicles From My Roof?

While icicles on your home might make you feel like you’re walking in a winter wonderland — they can actually inflict a ton of damage to your home (and to you if you’re underneath them).

Or they can be the warning sign, showing you that your home is in need of some much needed repairs (AKA ice dams).

Whether it snows or rains, melted snow and rain can turn into icicles — and they should be removed carefully so no damage is made to the roof or gutter they’re attached to.

icicles can cause roof damage so its best to remvoe then safely

Install Heat Tape

The best way to remove icicles from your roof or gutter system is to make sure they don’t form there in the first place.

We know, we know — but it’s true!

By applying heat tape to your roof’s eaves or gutter system, you’ll be able to turn this heat tape on to keep icicles from forming, or to melt icicles that are beginning to form.

Apply Chemical Deicers

Chemical deicers can be applied to roofs and gutters before or after icicles form.

This would be the same concept as if your driveway had ice form on top of it and you wanted to apply a deicer to have it melt.

The safest bet is to spray the chemical deicer on your gutters and roof eaves before a snow storm or during the day before temperatures fall below the freezing point (especially on cold, rainy days).

Lightly Use a Roof Rake

Roof rakes are usually used to remove snow from roofs, but you can also do the same with icicles.

  • Make sure you’re standing a few feet away from the icicles, so when they drop it’s not on you.
  • Lightly brush up against icicles to knock them down. Do not force the rake into the icicles, as this could cause them to violently rip off. Thus, damaging your roof or gutters.
  • If you can’t break off the bigger icicles, apply a chemical deicer to to them and allow that to work its magic until you can knock the icicle off with the rake.
  • Do not attempt to remove ice dams with a rake. You could end up severely damaging your roof or ripping off an entire section of your gutter system. Contact a professional roofer if you are ever dealing with an ice dam so they can help you remove it and diagnose why once exists in the first place.

If your roof or gutter system ever becomes damaged and needs repair or replacement, be sure to give our GAF certified, expert roofers a call!

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