Why Does My Roof Make Loud Banging Noises?

It’s startling to hear the usual nighttime silence interrupted by loud, banging noises coming from the roof.

It could be a branch from a tree or the neighbor’s cat interrupting your sleep, but typically the sounds coming from the rooftop are caused by simple physics.

noises can come from your roof under the right conditions

Why Roofs Make Noise

During the day, as temperatures rise and the sun warms the roof, the materials that make up the structure begin to expand.

The reverse happens as the sun sets and the roof begins to cool with the falling temperatures. It’s this constricting that causes the repeated popping sounds.

However, there are also sounds that come from homes that were just built. New homes go through adjustments as they set into place onto their foundations.

What to Check

Finding problems early can help you save money and prevent more serious problems from developing in the future.

  • Be aware of popping or creaking when snow has accumulated on the roof.
  • Check for any indications of loose roofing materials or stressed walls that appear to be bulging.
  • Look for any changes in the roofline or places where there are cracks between upper walls and the ceiling that might indicate a need for a professional roof inspection.

When to Call a Professional

A periodic inspection by a licensed trained professional will help locate any complications a homeowner’s inspection may not be able to easily identify.

Preferred Exterior has served the Nassau, Suffolk, Queens, Brooklyn, Bronx, New York and Tri-State area for over 40 years.

Roof noise doesn’t always mean you have a problem, but when trouble does occur, you can trust our commitment to outstanding customer service and qualified employees to fix it right the first time!

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