Why is My Exterior Siding Wavy?

How often do you take a minute to actually admire your own home?

Buying and keeping up on a house is a big deal. So don’t be ashamed to take a step back and appreciate all of the money, time, and work you put into it!

However, many homeowners notice something not quite right with their house’s exterior — the siding is wavy.

You know it was installed correctly (and it’s not like you’ve been throwing baseballs onto the side of your house), so how did it become that way?

siding can become wavy for many different reasons

What Causes Exterior Siding to Wave and Warp?


Living in New York is like living in a temperamental snow globe. It’s hot as heck one week and you’re pulling out your snow boots the next.

Unfortunately, while the temperature change affects mood and motivation, it also messes with your home. When the siding heats up during summer, vinyl siding expands; and during winter it contracts.

Within only a few years you can really notice the wear and tear on your home. Unfortunately, this type of damage is not really preventable unless you can control weather (and we’d love to hear from you if you can!)

Foundation Changes

Over time, homes settle and sink into their foundations. Walls may slightly develop sags and cause waves or ripples in the siding.

This is fairly normal for aging houses; many older homes have to have their foundations completely replaced because of this process.

If a new home starts to show sagging walls, this may be caused by structural problems though.

Installation Errors

If you installed your siding yourself, we hate to break your bubble, but there are many installation errors that can lead to wavy siding.

If vinyl siding was pulled too tight during installation, when it naturally contracts and expands, it’s much more likely to cause problems. Using siding strips that are too long causes it to push against the trim causing further damage.

While these may seem like very small cosmetic errors during installation, they can quickly cause larger issues down the road.

If you have warped or wavy siding, give us a call! That’s what Preferred Exterior is here for, and we’d love to make that house of yours as beautiful as it can be!

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