Why Should I Install a Skylight?

Many homeowners aren’t aware of just how many benefits there are when installing a skylight in your home.

Skylights are very appealing to the eye, and can transform any room into a brighter, more inviting living space.

It’s one of the most affordable ways to bring a more refined and charming look to any home, yet many people often overlook this simple home improvement.

adding skylight windows to your home can have a wide array of benefits

Styles of Skylights

There are different types of styles that one can choose from when it comes to skylights (many more than the average person would expect).

Some examples of different styles are flat, lantern style, peaked or sealed. Some can open in the summertime and some come with screens.

There are even skylight options for listed buildings, provided certain regulations are adhered to.

Psychology and Physiology of Having a Skylight(s)

Did you know that when spending a lot of time indoors such as during the winter months, you are being robbed of natural vitamin D from natural light?

By having natural light coming into the home from skylights, you can actually prevent problems that come from vitamin D deficiency (autoimmune disorders, bone problems, and regulatory issues with the digestive system, hair, nails, and skin).

Installing skylights in various areas throughout your home will bring in essential light needed to keep these bodily processes in check. They’re also a great way to ward off depression, mood swings, decreased concentration levels, and even sleep disorders.

Cost Efficiency

Having a room with skylights brings natural light in, and therefore requires less artificial light.

This will undoubtedly bring your electricity costs down.

It may also bring heating costs down as well when the warm natural sunlight is allowed to seep in through the skylights to warm your home naturally.

Tranquility and Ease

Having skylights are a wonderful way to bring the beautiful outdoors right into your home to enhance its natural beauty.

It will bring a new form of relaxation and is an easy way to bring natural light into your home.

Most installations only take one day and are relatively fuss-free in regard to maintenance. So what are you waiting for?

Give your home the added light it needs with the installation of some skylights of your own!

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