What You Need to Know When Choosing New Siding

It’s time! You’ve finally had enough of your old and ugly siding that no longer offers the protection it once did to your home.

You’ve made the decision to finally have it replaced, but you’re unsure of where to start.

Before you start looking at brands and companies to install it for you — it’s good to do a bit of homework first. This way you’re prepared to make educated decisions alongside your contractor.

its important to know a few things before you replace your siding

Can It Withstand the Elements?

The siding on your home is often like the roof, you only end up replacing it once (maybe twice if it’s the only home you buy) in the time you live there. With that being said, you want to make sure the materials you choose are durable and can withstand the elements that Mother Nature will throw at your home.

Since we live in the Northeast, you want a material that can withstand drastic temperature changes, rain, snow, and high wind speeds (although nothing like Florida would need). Vinyl or composite siding will do the perfect job in protecting your home from the crazy weather that New York experiences.

Will the Color Hold Up?

The last thing you want is to have siding installed, and then 10 years later the color is as dull as a butter knife. You want your siding’s color to be as vivid and sharp as it was on the day it was installed.

CertainTeed’s vinyl and composite siding (again, yes) have a library of colors to choose from so you can get exactly what you’re looking for. And this color will continue to shine brightly long after it’s been placed on your home. You’ll basically be the reason your neighbors are envious of your home until they decide to make the switch themselves.

How Much Maintenance Does Siding Require?

Certain siding materials (like wood) require a decent amount of upkeep and careful cleaning methods. However, other materials don’t require much, other than a quick power wash once per year.

If you’re thinking these materials might be vinyl or composite siding, then you’re finally starting to notice the trend here! Once these materials have been properly installed by professionals, the only maintenance you’ll need to do is a quick inspection and power washing (as well as a patch here and there if hail, flying debris, or rocks from the lawn mower fly into your home).

It’s time for new siding, which means an entirely new look for your home! (How exciting!)

Just make sure you know a few things before you call up your local siding contractor. (And if you don’t know who to call, then click on our website and start dialing our number!)

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