Should I Self Install a Skylight?

Skylights are beautiful additions to households, especially in the master bed or bathroom. The natural light lowers the cost of electricity; the ability to look at the sky during the day or night is a tranquil luxury. It’s tempting to install the skylight yourself, but there are some things to consider first.

The Structural Integrity of the Roof

Installing a skylight may include a structural change to the building. You must know how to reinforce such changes. It is easy for the inexperienced to make a tiny mistake that eventually causes more damage and significant expenses. Going an inexpensive route may eventually end up the most expensive, due to mistakes and costs of repair. Preferred Exterior uses our expertise to install right the first time.

The Roof Shingles

Installing a skylight almost always involves removing part of the roof. When cutting through shingles and replacing some after the skylight is installed, the proper techniques must be implemented to make sure water drains freely away from the skylight and continues off the roof. We have the experience necessary to make sure water drains properly.

A Complete Seal Around the Skylight

Installing a skylight involves ensuring a tight seal is made entirely around the skylight. If the seal is not perfect, then moisture gets into the house causing structural damage and possibly mold.

You must know the correct flashing and sealants required and how to apply them. Preferred Exterior has all of the expertise needed to install your skylight. You can be sure that our professionals will install a beautiful, safe and dry skylight to be enjoyed for many years; just reach out to us at

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