Drainage Solutions for Commercial Flat Roof Buildings


Do you own a commercial building with a flat roof and have problems with drainage? Do you worry about repairs and the cost or that it may just collapse on you and your employees because of standing water?

We at Preferred Exterior can put your worries to rest.


  1. Removal and replacement.
  2. New construction roofing.
  3. Hot tar built-up. (lasts ten to twenty years and helps reflect the sun’s heat)
  4. Re-roof. (may be able to put another layer over the existing roof)
  5. Rubberized roof systems.
  6. Single ply membrane roofing.
  7. Roof restoration and coatings.

We will help you figure out the condition of your roof and any noticeable drainage problems to determine which service is needed or if the entire roof needs replaced.


Flat roofs have a tendency to retain water; therefore, we at Preferred Exterior can install a tapered roofing system. This would prevent puddles from collecting during heavy rain, puddles that cause freezing and thawing cycles during the cold seasons, and any other damages that could end up costing you an “arm and a leg” in repairs. It can also prevent you from having to replace the entire roof. We will help you choose a tapered system from various slopes and roof designs!


  1. Install seamless gutters and headers.
  2. Do preventive maintenance inspections.

You can rest easy that our years of experience will help prevent or solve any drainage problem that arise.

We at Preferred Exterior are fully licensed, bonded and insured and provide excellent work with competitive prices. We also provide a twenty-five workmanship and fifty year material warranty. Call us or click today for a free consultation about the services we offer and ask for a free estimate.

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