Rain Is Coming Down My Chimney, Is That Normal?

Rain coming down the chimney is something strange to experience. It is also something that we shouldn’t be experiencing at all. It could cause a mess in your home, pushing any soot and debris onto your floor.

Let us break down the reasons why rain might be leaking down into your chimney in the first place.

Reasons why rain may be leaking down the chimney:

1.) Your chimney cap might have fallen off. This is not too hard to fix. Here at Preferred Exteriors, we make sure that your chimney cap is screwed on tightly and securely.

2.) The cement and sealant to your chimney cap/cover may be worn down around the edges of your chimney. If this deems to be the issue, after our inspection, we can go over the proper solutions for repair.

3.) Not having a chimney cover. Was it recently windy? Did someone previous conduct maintenance on your roof and forget to place the cover back on? Not having a chimney cover can open your home to all sorts of environmental annoyances.

At Preferred Exterior, we specialize in outdoor renovations on all things roofing. We repair & install roofs, assist with cleanups, ventilation issues, re-roofing, skylights, etc.

We have been in business for over 40 years and are certified by a variety of companies.

If your roof or chimney needs a touch-up, please do not hesitate in contacting us via our website at http://www.preferredecterior.com or through our phone number which is 516.354.7252.


Thank you for your time!


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