How to Inspect Your Roof After a Storm

When a storm hits, many people wonder what the next step one should take. The damages caused by the hurricanes call for worry especially when one has the family members in danger. When positioning our home, we should make sure we identify the direction of the wind so that we can speculate the side of the house vulnerable to storm damages.

Inspection for disasters in our homes is essential and should be among the tasks in our schedule of each year. After a storm, you should contact the relevant agencies like the Preferred Exterior that can help us in fixing the damages as soon as possible.

Remove All the Debris

After a disturbing moment of storms, we should make sure that our family members are in a safer position. Our houses are at risk of losing some shingles. The longer time we allow the debris, leaves, and other material remain on the rooftop, the more damage there will be. The trash encourages storing of moisture that can cause the growth of fungus. The debris hides the holes on the roof and missing shingles.

The damages can cause leakage hence expensive water damages during the next rainfall. After the storm, check on the nails around the house. The hurricanes force the pins out to the ground where they can cause damages to children, vehicles, and lawn equipment. We can employ companies like the Preferred Exterior that have machines that can pick up on scatted nails to keep your family safe.

Make Sure Water does not Pour on Your Fixtures

Water can pass through cracks and holes that occur during the storms. We can use specially designed nails that can protect your roof from damages by strong hurricanes. One should check for shingles fragments that collect on the roof garters. Any damage to the fasteners calls for thorough repair. Also, if the straps pull off the roof, find a way to refasten.

We can run water at a high pressure to check whether the roof is stable enough to take heavy downpour. When inspecting your roof and you see the dark spots, it is an alarming sign that things can go wrong any time. Keep us in mind for any roofing repair needs after a storm. 



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