Is Stagnant Water a Big Deal On My Roof

stagnant water on roof

Are you experiencing leakage or consistent rainfalls on your flat roof that you are unable to tend to? There can be many technical difficulties with flat roofs. The water does not distribute off it easily and this can turn into a major concern. However there are a host of remedies to eliminate roofing damage.

When it rains, its not much you can do with mother nature. At this point, the only thing you can do is wait until the rain finishes. One essential thing to do know about leakage on a flat roof, is the longer the water marinates the worser the problem can be, as this can cause the dampening to spread throughout your roof and it can be costly in repairs.

How To Prevent Further Roof Damage

It typically can take anywhere from twenty-four hours to forty-eight hours can generally become an issue. So once the rain is complete you literally have two days to address these urgent roof issues. Gradually your roof will start caving into the your roof system, you may eventually start to notice mold growth on the wood.

Within a weeks time, it may be so critical at this point that the mold may start to extend throughout your roof system. Rather than deal with these issues on your own you can contact Preferred Exterior, we specialize in residential and commercial roofing projects. Don’t wait until these roofing issues rise, contact a roofing repair expert immediately, if you wait any further you could end with more dire issues such as:

◆ Structural repairs
◆ Drywall repairs
◆ Floor replacements
◆ Furniture damage

What We Have To Offer

We have been servicing the Nassau County area for years, it doesn’t matter if it’s a small repair or full removal and restorations. We know how to get the job done professionally and effectively. Our experts have had thorough and extensive training to carry out all our customers needs. Here are few of the services we offer;

◆ Roof elimination & replacement
◆ Roof layer Installation
◆ Plywood Replacement
◆ Skylight Restoration
◆ Copper Chimney and Wall Flashings
◆ Residential Flat Roofing
◆ Standing Seam Roofing
◆ Seamless Gutters & Leaders
◆ All Types of Ventilation Systems
◆ Siding and Aluminum Trim

If you reside near Long Island New York and are seeking qualified reliable roofing service and don’t want to deal with this alone. We have plenty of experiencing when it comes to roofing issues. For remarkable quality service and full list of services we offer visit at Preferred Exterior. To eliminate your roofing issues feel free contact us. We’re here to help,we will simply do the work for you.

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