Skylight Care Mistakes to Avoid

There are so many benefits to adding a skylight in your home. They provide energy efficiency, extra light as well as a combined beautiful aesthetic. However, they do need some TLC from time to time. Just like any other part of your home, regular maintenance is key to keeping your skylight in the best possible shape.

Here are the do’s and don’ts in caring for your skylight:

Don’t Ignore Leaks

Just like your windows and gutters, skylights can leak. Leaks can cause damage to surrounding shingles, roof decking as well as joists and insulation. Do a monthly spot check and look for water beading and ceiling stains as well as wet spots on carpets. Also, examine your skylight after heavy rain or snow.

Do Implement a Cleaning Schedule

Skylights should be cleaned at least once per year. Caked on debris and film on the plastic or glass can be hard to remove if left to accumulate. Don’t forget the interior as well. The interior is the perfect hiding place for dust, debris and spider webs.

Don’t Forgo Yearly Inspection

A yearly inspection of your skylight can detect any potential problems and prevent costly repairs repairs. The examination should include a review of the following items:

  • A thorough check for leaks
  • Loose metal flashing
  • Cracks in the panels or dome

Should it be determined that any of the above issues are present, they should be repaired by a professional as soon as possible.

Do Check Operations

Whether your skylight is operated via a thermostat or manually, do a spot check on your skylight’s mechanics to help keep it functioning correctly.

Do Call A Professional

Whether you need a skylight inspection, installation or repair, leave it to the professionals.  A home improvement contractor has the experience and equipment to handle the job properly as well as safely.

For all your skylight installation, repair and maintenance needs, contact Preferred Exterior to learn more.

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