The Ultimate Guide To Home Exterior Maintenance

Let’s face it — owning a home is a huge responsibility. We’re going to guess there are lots of things you encounter on a daily basis that you probably didn’t plan for, or even consider at all, when you were searching for the perfect home. Well, with a few of the right tools and setting aside a couple of short hours to some home maintenance really goes a long way when it comes to smooth living. See below for a checklist of things you should be on the lookout for when it comes to your home’s exterior:

Inspecting The Roof

  • Shingles: take a quick look at the shingles on the roof to see if any are missing or damaged. Keep in mind that shingles should be lined up properly to allow for proper protection and drainage, and strong winds and storms have tendencies to cause them to misalign.

  • Flashing: chimneys and exhaust vents have a lot more in common than you thought. But the underlying theme here is that they stick out from the roof. Anything sticking out from the roof should be equipped with flashing and that flashing should be in tact at all times. This will help prevent leaks and other issues.

  • Valleys: check out the sections of your roof where different angles meet. These areas tend to collect things like leaves, pine needles and water which could cause some problems. Make sure they are free of said debris and you’re one step closer to completing your exterior maintenance checklist.

Survey The Sides

  • Siding: wood siding and trim should be treated and painted to prevent water damage. Other materials like vinyl should be power washed two to three times per year to keep it looking fresh and new. Notice visible damage like wood rot or cracks? Call in a professional right away.
  • Windows & Doors: take some time to seal up windows and doors especially if there are cracks or gaps in the caulking or weatherstripping. This will help you save lots of money on energy bills especially as the seasons change.
  • Foundation: when was the last time you took a good, hard look at your home’s foundation? If it’s not up-to-par, water can get into the basement or other areas of your house.

Miscellaneous Tasks

  • Rake leaves and take care of the lawn and garden
  • Have HVAC systems inspected by a professional
  • Touch up exterior paint
  • Clean out gutters and storm drains
  • Wash windows and screens
  • Check the driveway, walkway and sidewalk for large cracks
  • Drain and winterize exterior plumbing

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