4 Fall Fix-Ups That Will Save You Money

Homeowners are often blindsided by the drastic change in temperature when fall finally settles in. From rapidly going through the closet to swap out summer clothes with warmer garments to getting the house ready to take on the cold, it can be quite hectic. Well, we’re here to provide you with 4 fast fix-ups that will help you ready to take on the elements, all while saving you some money in the near future.

Installing New Energy Efficient Windows

1 – Replace Damaged Roof Shingles

It’s best to take care of this problem now, because you really won’t want to be on the roof on a frigid day in the middle of winter.

Damaged shingles can cause slow leaks or even mini floods and they’re often caused by rusted nails or fallen tree branches. All you need to do is remove the affected shingles with a pry bar and nail a new piece in place.

2 – Add Insulation To The Attic

Head up into your attic and take a look at the insulation. If it’s not as high, or higher than the ceiling joists, it’s time to add more.

We recommend using R-49 – R-60 and make sure you spread the material out, without leaving any low spots.

3 – Seal Up Doors And Windows

Don’t leave any door or window out when it comes to sealing and weatherstripping. Lots of homeowners only think about the front and back doors, but cold air can enter through side doors and basement doors, and any window in the house, too!

4 – Cover Exhaust Vents

Especially those connected to the clothes dryer and the whole-house fan. If you leave the outside vents open or uncovered, you’ll be losing warm air from inside of the house which can cause energy bills to rise.

We recommend swapping out flapper-style covers with with vent seals to prevent drafts.

We are a full service commercial, industrial and residential roofing company, with a solid reputation of getting the job done right the first time. We have built a solid reputation of performing high quality roofing and exterior work at very competitive prices, serving Nassau, Suffolk, Queens, Brooklyn, Bronx, New York and the Tri-State area for over 50 years.


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