Do Flat Roofs Leak More Than Pitched Roofs?

Thinking about adding a new roof to your home or garage? Lots of homeowners think all roofs are the same, but there are plenty of different styles and options to choose from. It’s vital to consider the functional design and the pros and cons of the many different styles.

Rain water infiltration and leak inside a home building roof white wall

Today, we’re going to address a common question: do flat roofs leak more than pitched roofs? Let’s dive right into it!

Are Flat Roofs Really Flat?

Before we get into leaks, we should first mention that you should never in fact, run into a completely flat roof. All roofs should be sloped even if it’s just the slightest bit, in order to drain properly. If the roof were completely flat, you’d get constant pools of water which would lead to a number of different problems.

Do Flat Roofs Leak?

Any type of roof can leak — it’s plain and simple. However, flat roofs typically are more prone to leaking than pitched roofs for a number of reasons. Like we mentioned above, if the roof isn’t pitched enough to drain properly, you could be left with pools of water that could ultimately lead to leaks.

On the same note, flat roofs require a bit more maintenance than pitched roofs. They need a heavy duty waterproof seal which must be maintained regularly.

Additionally, flat roofs require more frequent maintenance when it comes to keeping the drains clean in order to avoid damage.

Are Pitched Roofs Better Than Flat Roofs?

This is a question we get quite often and it’s not possible to answer it in one simple word or sentence. Sure, there are a number of benefits that come along with pitched roofs (like better drainage and more stability), but it all depends on what you’re looking to get out of your roof over its lifespan.

In terms of leaks, pitched roofs tend to leak less often, but it all depends on the installation and the upkeep.

The moral of the story? Maintenance is key!

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