How To Get Your Home’s Exterior Ready For Thanksgiving

You’ve probably been so busy taking down Halloween decorations and spending the last bit of life outdoors before it gets too cold that you didn’t realize Thanksgiving is right around the corner. Well, if you’re hosting the holiday this year, pay close attention — yes, there are additional things you should be doing besides getting the menu prepared and setting the table. In fact, there are a number of things you should be taking care of on the outside of your home to prepare for when your guests arrive.

Father playing with daughter at backyard.

Power Wash Siding

Is your home looking a bit green or brown lately? No, we’re talking about the intended color of your siding, we’re referring to the dirt, debris and potential mold that’s growing on the outside. Take some time to power wash your siding so it looks good as new throughout the entire holiday season.

Rake The Leaves

This is the perfect activity for the entire family. Not only is it a great way to clean up the yard and get things in tip-top shape, it’s a wonderful way to enjoy some fresh air while spending some quality time with the family.

Check The Roof

When was the last time you inspected your roof for cracks, gaps, leaks or other damage? As you spend time getting the rest of the outdoors in shape, remember to check the roof. After all, you’d hate for it to spring a leak with a house full of guests.

It’s also vital to check for damage that could worsen as snow begins to fall. Keep in mind that snow accumulation on the roof can weigh hundreds of pounds and if it’s not structurally sound, you could be in for a rude, cold awakening.

Trim Tree Branches

With snow and winter storms on the way, it’s a great idea to trim back or cut down low-hanging tree branches, especially if they have the potential to fall on your house. Just remember, even if they’re still attached to the tree now, that heavy wet snow can cause them to break off quite easily.

Notice issues with your roof or siding as you prepare your home for Thanksgiving? Give the expert roofing & exterior team at Preferred Exterior a call today! We’ll make sure your home is in great shape all holiday season long!

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