Why Does My Roof Look Wavy?

Feel like your roof is participating in a common activity at a sporting event? We’re talking about roofs that look like they’re doing the wave. While it is possible that your roof was designed like that on purpose, most of the time, waviness develops over time and can indicate some serious problems. See below to find out what could have went wrong and what can be done to fix it!

Idyllic neighborhood street, aerial view

3 Common Causes of Wavy Roofs

  1. Poor Framing: if a roof isn’t framed properly, it may come as no surprise that the surface won’t look right. In many cases, carpenters forget to, or choose not to, install all of the crowns. When only some of the necessary crowns are up, it can cause the roof to look wavy, but it should not necessarily affect the roof’s structural integrity.

  2. Sagging Plywood: if the rafters are installed too far apart from another, it can cause the plywood in between to sag. Sagging can also come as a result of plywood being too thin for the weight it is supposed to be supporting. When plywood sags in certain areas, your roof line can sag with it, causing it to look wavy.

  3. Faulty Layering: there are a few layers to most roofs, beginning with felt paper. This goes down first, before the shingles and acts as the base for the top layer(s). If the paper gets wet, bubbles, or is not tacked down flat, it can make the roof appear wavy. Fortunately, felt paper flattens out on its own in just a matter of weeks in most cases.

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