What Shape Is My Roof?

Time to repair or replace your current roof? It’ll be a tremendous help if you learn about some of the basics — this way you’ll be able to better communicate with potential roofing companies and make sure nobody is taking advantage of you.

New Dimensional Asphalt Shingle Complex Roof on Mansion

As you drive through your neighborhood, you’ve probably noticed that roofs come in a wide variety of sizes, shapes and colors and today, we’re going to cover some of the common shapes. Determining the shape of the roof will help determine how difficult it will be to install as well as how it will function together with the house.

Gable Roofs

This is typically the type of roofs you see young children draw while doing any type of arts and crafts. Gabled roofs have two sloped sides that meet together at a ridge, creating a “gable” at the top.

A gable can be the shape of the main roof, or it can be found on dormered sections of the house — and any one roof can have multiple gables.

Gambrel Roofs

This type of roof actually falls under the gable category and is commonly associated with Dutch building traditions. However, gambrel roofs differ in that they break each slope section into two parts — one part that is closer to the ridge that’s relatively flat, and the other part that’s closer to the eaves and that slopes steeply.

Shed Roofs

If you’re looking for a roof that slopes in only one direction, this is the type for you. You can think of them as “half gables” and they’re typically the easiest to build.

Hip Roofs

This type of roof slopes back from all four sides. It’s typically quite a simple design, but can be connected to fit L-shaped buildings or can be combined with gabled roofs for a distinct look.

Mansard Roofs

This is a type of hip roof where each sloped section is cut into two parts. One section rises steeply, while the other continues at a milder pitch. Mansard roofs are commonly associated with French architecture.

Have additional questions about roof shapes? You’ve come to the right place!

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