How To Keep Mice Out Of Your Home This Winter

You might think that mice are cute until they invade your home in the winter. House mice don’t hibernate, so they seek out warm shelter when it gets cold outside and human homes are the perfect escape in their eyes.

House Mouse

If you get mice in your home, they can damage insulation, wires, leave unsanitary droppings, and soil your food. You should know how to keep them from taking refuge in your home as the temperatures drop this year:

1. Seal Entrances

House mice are extremely small and can fit through holes the diameter of a dime. They can also easily slide into cracks under doors and windows. You should inspect your home for any potential crevices where mice may be able to get into and make sure you seal them off.

2. Stay Clean

If mice don’t have anything to eat, they won’t be able to live in your home. Clean up food crumbs and any standing water in your house. Not only will this make your home a less attractive target to begin with, it can make it less hospitable for mice that have already moved in.

3. Clean Up Clutter

Mice love to live in trash heaps, stacks of lumber, piles of rocks, and other places with lots of little crevices. If you have any of these around your home, you should clean them up to keep the mice away from your property.

4. Trim the Bushes

Overhanging branches can make it easier for mice to climb onto your roof and find a way inside. They are extremely adept climbers, so they can also use ivies and other vines to get inside.

Plants that die in the winter also tend to dry up and become even easier to grasp. You should consider trimming these away to keep mice out of your attic and off of your roof.

5. Odor Repellents

While less effective than any of the above methods, peppermint oil and chili powder have some repellent effect against mice. Most other aromatic remedies are wives’ tales and are a waste of time, but these have been shown to be at least mildly effective, and they’re safer than using pesticides.

If your attic is a little drafty or you’ve noticed a minor leak, there could be an opening in your roof that will allow these little pests inside. Don’t hesitate to call Preferred Exterior to get your roof repaired right away. After all, you probably don’t want any unwanted visitors this year!

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