3 Hints For Roof And Gutter Issues This Winter

Owning a home is a lifelong goal of most people. As a matter of fact, homeownership is an integral part of the standard American Dream.

Unlike rental properties, where landlords and property managers are responsible for fixing property damages, homeowners hold themselves liable to fix damages around their residences.

Regularly taking care of major sections of homes like roofs and gutters is far easier and many times less costly than responding to problems once they rear their ugly heads. Here are three tips, tricks, and hints for preventing issues in your home’s roof and gutters. Take notes – seriously!

Snow Can Cause Serious Issues If Left Unattended

New York, depending on what area you live in, averages between two and three feet of snowfall each year to upwards of 10 feet per winter season!

You should know the difference between wet and dry snow. Fortunately, weather forecasts inform you of whether wet or dry snow is coming.

A half-foot of accumulated wet snow is heavier than an entire yard of dry snow most of the time. Lots of dry snow can pile on top of your house without issue. However, anything more than six inches of wet snow should be removed as soon as possible.

Additionally, don’t keep your attic warm in an attempt to melt snow so it can’t pile high on top of your home – here’s why…

Warm Roofs And Snowfall Don’t Mix

When snow lands on a warm roof, it melts. As water drips down to the gutters, it freezes. The only way it won’t freeze is if the temperature is above freezing.

These ice blockages are typically higher than the lowest point of the roof. This causes water to become trapped on the roof, eventually penetrating roofs and causing serious damage.

Make sure your attic is cold by maintaining sufficient insulation levels, installing vents in your roof, and block any leaks of warm air by patching up the attic’s floor.

Watch Out For Trees

You should trim the branches of all trees that could potentially fall on your home. Trees are more likely to decompose in colder months, so take care of this right away.

Are you a professional roofer and gutter installer now? Great!

OK – you’re probably not anywhere close to being a professional. However, our team at Preferred Exterior is jam-packed with roofing and gutter installation pros that can keep your home’s roof in tip-top shape this winter. Give us a call today at (516) 354-7252.

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