How To Lay Shingles: Stair-Stepping vs. Staggering

To stair-step or to stagger — that is the question. There are multiple ways to lay shingles down on a roof and there are some advantages and disadvantages to each option. Today, we’re going to highlight two of the most common processes for installation and go over a few of the pros and cons for each.

Roofer Install Asphalt Roof Shingles. Close up view on Roofer Installation  Asphalt Roofing Shingles Installation. Roofing Construction, Roofer Roofing Repair.

Staggering Shingles

When it comes to speed in the roofing industry, “staggering” or as some refer to it, “vertical racking” takes the prize. This method involves installing shingles straight up the roof in a column-like pattern and is typically much faster than the other common method of installation.

Staggering shingles allows the installer to work upward in a single column all the way to the peak and it eliminates the wasted time that comes along with working back-and-forth. This method also eliminates the time it takes to constantly move bundles of shingles, as the roofer can pile them right next to the column he or she is currently working on.

Will this method provide your roof with a watertight seal? It sure will, and it won’t void your warranty either. So what’s the downside? Lots of manufacturers won’t be held responsible if you run into problems with pattern-curling or shadowing.

Stair-Stepping Shingles

While this method does take more time, there are a few benefits that come along with it. Stair-stepping does help eliminate the risk of pattern curling and you’ll likely have better luck going through with your warranty especially if the manufacturer doesn’t approve of staggering.

The stair-step method also tends to do a better job of spreading out the mix of shingle bundles better which helps when it comes to a more even color spread throughout the roof and tends to eliminate too much blending.

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