How To Make Exterior Caulk Last

Feeling drafts around windows and doors inside your home? That means there’s a good chance exterior caulking and sealants have seen better days. As with interior caulk, the goal with exterior caulk is to neatly seal cracks and gaps and have it all stand up to whatever Mother Nature throws its way. But if the seal fails, you can quickly find yourself in a world of trouble, surrounded by high energy bills. So, what can you do to make exterior caulk last longer? Find out below!

Construction Worker on Building Site

Opt For Acrylic

It’s easier to use and is easier to clean up than most other types on the market. It does an excellent job sealing up gaps smaller than ¼” and generally speaking, it’s good quality for the price.

Just remember that you get what you pay for, and it’s usually worth spending an extra dollar or two for a better caulk.

Clean The Crack

It’s best to start out with a clean crack because caulk won’t stick to dirty or rough surfaces. We suggest digging or cutting out any remaining caulk or sealant from the crack or gap and blast it with a compressor and air nozzle.

Smooth The Caulk

Once you finish with the caulking gun, run your finger over the bead. This will make it look neater and it will also help fill the crack and force the caulk to adhere to the sides of the crack.  If the gap is too wide for your finger, you can use the back of a plastic spoon.

Why does this matter? Cracks and gaps tend to widen and shrink as temperatures change. Properly filling the crack and making sure the caulk adheres to both sides will help eliminate the effects of shrinking and widening.

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