How Hot Does My Roof Get?

Your roof takes the brunt of the summer sun every year. While you may rest assured that the inside of your home will be nice and cool, temperatures on its exterior can be scorching.

very hot weather over heat summer sunny day.

When you step outside during the summer, you might be shocked to find the sidewalk feels 30 degrees hotter than the grass. That’s because asphalt absorbs sunlight, making it far hotter than the outdoor temperature. The same goes for your roof.

Different Roofs Have Different Temperatures

Residential and commercial roofs come in all sorts of material, including asphalt, aluminum, gravel and metal. Dark roofs absorb the most sunlight and convert it into heat before reflecting it back into the environment.

An asphalt roof can reach up to 190 degrees on a sunny 90-degree day. An aluminum-coated roof can be up to 68 degrees cooler, and a gravel roof can be anywhere between 125 to 140 degrees.

Black vs. White Rooftop Temperatures

We wear lighter colors in the summer because they absorb less sunlight and retain less heat. Likewise, a white or lighter colored roof will be far less hot than a dark one. If it’s time to redo your roof, changing the color may help it last longer and keep your house cooler.

Vegetative roofs are the coolest and most heat-resistant. A vegetative roof has a thin layer of greenery on top of them that provide ample shade and reduce the amount of heat that is reflected back into the environment.

Can Heat Cause Roof Damage?

Extreme heat can cause your roof to wear down faster. Higher temperatures speed up the natural breakdown of materials, so your roof may start to deteriorate before its time if it is continually exposed to extreme temperatures.

Weather damage isn’t limited to cold, wet months. Although it may be dry, summer poses its own risks. Proper ventilation and protective coating are the best ways to avoid sun damage.

Contact us today at Preferred Exterior to learn more about how you can keep your roof in the best shape all year. We offer professional roofing services throughout Nassau, Suffolk, Queens, Brooklyn, the Bronx, New York and the Tri-State area. Learn more about our summer roof maintenance and services by calling (516) 354-7252.

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