10 Small Window & Door Projects You Can Tackle This Weekend

Easy Home Projects To Take Care Of This Weekend

Wouldn’t it feel good if you got a head start on some things that would actually save you money as colder winter temperatures made their way into town? Well, there are plenty of tasks you can cross off of your to-do list that will do just that! And the best part? Most of them won’t take you very long at all. See below to find out some small window and door projects you can tackle in a single weekend:

Young man fixing a door lock

1 – Secure Storm Doors

Between strong fall winds and frequent use, door jambs take a beating this time of year. Check on the door jambs that hold your storm doors in place to make sure they aren’t cracked or damaged. If they are, use a jamb reinforcer to make necessary repairs.

2 – Fasten Latches

As temperatures change and humidity levels drop, or when houses settle, doors may not securely latch with each close. A simple rotary tool can help you re-shape it so that the door closes properly.

3 – Tighten Hinges

Whether you have children who like to mess around with doors and door knobs or you simply have an older home, you may find that your doors stick at times. Check on the screws that hold the hinges in place as they are usually the first to cause these types of problems.

4 – Free Up Sliding Doors

Usually, sliding doors that have trouble sliding are due to the fact that they are not properly aligned on the track. If that’s not the case, the wheels may need a simple adjustment.

5 – Repair Broken Screens

You may want to leave those screen doors open at times during the fall to get the last of the temperate air, but screens with scratches and/or tears can lead to the invasion of pests. If the frame is still in good condition, screen replacement is quite easy.

6 – Adjust Door Thresholds

Believe it or not, those large screws in your door’s threshold aren’t just for show. They’re designed so that you can adjust them to raise or lower the threshold to eliminate drafts. This time of year, you’ll want to raise it up so that there’s no daylight coming through under the door.

7 – Lubricate Locks

Have a lock on a door that’s hard to turn? Have one where the key doesn’t slide in easily? Shooting a dab of liquid graphite into the keyhole is a quick and easy fix. If this doesn’t help, it could mean the lock is worn out and needs to be replaced.

8 – Seal Jambs

Notice cool drafts coming from the trim around windows and doors? It’s likely because the jambs were never sealed. Simply pull off the moldings, seal the jambs and/or add some insulation and then reinstall the trim. This task can help you save a small fortune on energy bills.

9 – Fill Cracks & Gaps

This is another common source for drafts around windows and doors. Check to make sure all cracks and gaps are sealed with weatherproof caulk or foam insulation.

10 – Swap Drapes & Curtains

Now that warmer weather is behind us, it’s time to change out those window treatments. Storing away the lighter materials and breaking out the heavier ones can help keep cool air out and warm air inside this season.

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